Welcome to Mens Network

Mens Network is for men, but it is also for women who take an interest in men and their ways!

Why have a Mens Network? Well the name itself is probably a bit foolhardy, but its aimed at men, about men, and it is just as relevant to ladies and people of all ages!

How many times have you been waiting in a Doctors or Dentists Surgery and seen ladies reading articles that are more male focussed or men reading womens magazines? There is no boundary, nor should there be, these days! Its just a focus, with more relevance to what have been seen as more established male issues.

As the creator of the site I see certain sports, hobbies and pastimes of more interest to more men, like motor racing, but there are plenty of ladies that enjoy the sport and its associations, like there are both men and women who are bored by it! I have no intention of preaching anything or stereotyping any views or making any assumptions, but inevitably I will be accused of it!

This is just the start of site that will share news, views and opinions about issues relevant to men. I will let you all argue what you believe that to mean!

But my plan will be to include:

Sport-many of them


Physical, mental and sexual health

Food, wine, cooking and diet (yes even recipes!)

Places of interest, activities, hobbies and pastimes

Great Pubs, Beers, Restaurants


Lists and Q and As-yes we seem fascinated by other peoples favourite this or that, or what they would do if, or what was their great moment!

Books, films, entertainment


Business and Professional/Trade matters

and much more!

But it will not include:


Embroidery & macrame

And Bingo!

I will be launching a number of publications/books on line, and to come very soon will be a guide to overcome sexual impotence. Yes it's a mans worse nightmare, especially if you are venturing into a new relationship, and even more critical when it is later in ones life.

MENS GUIDE TO IMPOTENCE available Mid November 2010 (Sold out and currently undergoing revision.)

Introductory Price £5

NB I have other websites with my many interests and businesses: www.centreforlearning.org.uk





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